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Panel Review


PineCone Research -The best survey panel ever.

PineCone Research is one of the most reliable survey panels on the web. The only drawback is that you can’t just sign up and start completing surveys with them straight away.

PineCone Research sign up

is only possible if you are invited to participate in the panel. . Also – don’t expect to get as many survey invitations as other survey panels. Usually, you will get 2-3 surveys a week. But when they do send you survey offers, these are easy to complete and you will be rewarded 3 pounds for each. Sometimes they send sample products for test followed by a prompt payment via Paypal, again for 3 pounds. So in reality, you can make 6 pounds per product survey.

Initially, your only payment option will be via cheque sent to your home address. However, you can then request to be paid via PayPal. They also have outstanding customer service. Karen Scott is really good and you will get response from here very quickly.

Summary and Ratings

2-3 surveys available every week
They will pay you 3.00 GBP per survey completed. This will be paid directly to your PayPal account once you complete the survey.
The is no minimum payment threshold i. Once you finish the survey 3 GBP will be sent immediately to your PayPal account to the PayPal email address provided during registration with PineCone Ressearch panel.
Support of this panel is outstanding.Karen will answer all of your questions in 24 hours.
Legitimate paid surveys-PineCone Research review
RATING (5.0 / 5)

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