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Posted on: November 10th, 2012 by admin No Comments

When I started doing paid surveys about a year ago, I was initially a little bit confused. I wondered if I should answer all questions honestly, as required by paid surveys websites. Generally speaking, the answer is -almost. At first, I answered all questions to the best of my knowledge. As a result, I was screened out in more than 50% of them. It has been said before- “Honesty is the best policy”. I persistently continued to answer all questions honestly and things went from bad to worse.

However, when you sign up for these websites that offer ” paid surveys UK ” for online marketing, keep in mind that the number of available surveys depends heavily on the personal information you provide. What do I mean? For instance, I wouldn’t lie about my interests, occupation or annual household income because too many surveys will ask you for this. Also, you can’t really expect to get many surveys if you are 19 or 70-years- old.

Another aspect that should be considered is your employment status. I don’t know if it’s true(luckily I have a job) but I suspect that companies are less interested in insolvent or unemployed consumers.

Surveys often begin with a question closely related to your profession, listing several options, for example, whether you or someone of your relatives work in an advertising agency, film industry, etc. If the list contains no more than 5-6 options the right answer is -no.

Another useful survey tip that I can give you, is to avoid topics that you are not at least a little familiar with. For example, if you’ve never had a pet, it would be very difficult to answer dozens of questions about the food you give to your pet, when you have it vaccinated and so forth.

Something else that I was not expecting and that surprised me when I started filling in surveys in paid surveys websites, is that the process had two beneficial sides to it. Marketing agencies receive information about me and my habits, whilst I learn many new things every day. This has made the process rather interesting, and not boring at all.

After the first month, I noticed that a lot of questions are repeated and I now fill them almost automatically. Of course, these were questions about age, gender and etc. I began paying attention straight to the answers of long questions, so I started to fill in surveys much faster.


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