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Posted on: November 4th, 2013 by admin No Comments
Panel Review

MySurvey is one of the oldest survey panels and nowadays, it is a part of Lightspeed Research.Unlike most other survey panels, they offer their own surveys. For completing surveys, the members are rewarded with points that they can later (when the redemption threshold is reached) convert into cash. The minimum payment threshold is 11000 points- the equivalent of 10 USD.
Don’t expect to get surveys regularly at first. The more surveys you qualify for and complete successfully, the more you will be offered..
Usually, you can receive 8 to 10 invitations per week. The good news is that typically, members qualify for a much higher percentage of these surveys than on some other panels. Points are usually credited to the account immediately upon completion of every survey.
The surveys they offer are somewhat better designed than other panels’, too. Unlike many other surveys, there are not too many questions with too many possible answers ,which is in most cases annoying.. Also, they often send great test products to the members.

Summary and Ratings

Up to 8-10 surveys available every week when they see that you are commited to the panel
VALUE OF REWARDS E-Rewards rating
They will pay you between 50 and 300 points per survey completed. This will be added immediately to your  account once you complete the survey.
The minimum payment threshold is 11000 points- the equivalent of 10 USD.
Support for this panel is via email.You can contact them at
Legitimate paid surveys-MySurvey review
RATING (3.5/5)

MySurvey ratingLegitimate paid surveys-E-Rewards RatingE-Reward Rating

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