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Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by admin No Comments

How much you can earn completing surveys depend solely on how much time you can set aside doing it. We have huge availability of surveys and offers and they are continiuously growing so we will always have earning opportunities for you. See below some of our top survey opportunities and how much you can earn through each of them.


Opinion Surveys

We pay you 0.5 GBP per survey completed. Surveys are relatively short and there is good availability daily. Few classification questions prior to starting a survey.

Survey Sampling (SSI)

As with the offer above, we pay you 0.5 GBP per survey completed. Usually, around 8-10 surveys available daily, most of them during the week.

iPoll – get 3.5 GBP just for registering

Register with iPoll and you will get 3.50 GBP just for registering. iPoll offers a variety of survey and project opportunities and you could even complete surveys and polls on the run via the iPoll app. Usually, surveys are worth 1 to 5 pounds. Payment is via PayPal.



GratisPoints – get 3.5 GBP just for registering

Register with GratisPoints and earn 3.50 GBP just for signing up. Large availability of surveys. With GratisPoints, you will be rewarded with points, which then get converted into cash and you are paid via PayPal. Each surveys is worth 1 to 5 pounds.


Perhaps the most well-known survey community out there. Tons of surveys and other earning opportunities. Loads of payment options, including thousands of vouchers, gift cards and coupons.

Global Test Market

Also one of the most well-known survey panels in the world. Huge availability of surveys and loads of payment options.

Very light and with quite a few survey opportunities, this panel offers a great experience and excellent customer support. Surveys are usually rated at 1 to 3 pounds. Payment is via Bank Transfer.


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