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Panel Review

Harris Poll has more than 45 years of history. They used to build their own surveys and members normally had pretty good chance to be rewarded with points from them. In the last year, they set up a new website software known as Samplico to check if you qualified for a specific survey and a lot of members reported that nowadays it’s getting difficult to qualify for their surveys. Like many other survey panels, Harris Poll’s rewarding system is based on points. Usually, rewards for a successfully completed survey ranged from 50 to 150 points – an average of 100 points which is about $0.85. When you reach 2400 points, you can redeem them for a $20 Amazon voucher. Keep in mind that the percentage of screening out is relatively high but even if you don’t qualify, members get 15 points. Some members complain that they don’t get enough surveys but the secret is to keep one of their emails that has the “look for surveys” link in your email inbox and every day, or even multiple times daily, to just click on the link and you can get a lot of surveys doing this.
Summary and Ratings

Tons of surveys available every week when members use a link from their inbox emails.
VALUE OF REWARDS Harris Poll rating
They will pay you between 50 and 150 points per survey completed. This will be added immediately to your account once you complete the survey.
The minimum payment threshold is 2400 points- the equivalent of 20 USD Amazon Voucher.
Support for this panel is via their website.
Legitimate paid surveys-Harris Poll Online
RATING (3.5/5)

Harris Poll ratingLegitimate paid surveys-Harris Poll RatingHarris Poll review

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