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Panel Review


survey panel is run by Research Now – a US based company. As the name suggests, all the rewards you’ll get are in the form of vouchers and discount coupons. Participation in E-Rewards is free but the negative aspect is that you have to be invited in order to sign up with the panel. In order to be invited you have to provide your e-mail to one of their sponsors. They don’t have a wide range of rewards and they seem to differ based on your profile. You can get a lot of surveys emailed to you as long as you are active and keep your profile up-to-date.Despite the fact that the reward options aren’t the coolest, points can be accumulated quickly and easily. In addition, if you don’t succeed to qualify for a survey, you will get some points as a reward for your participation. The qualify rate is somewhere between 30% and 50%.
What about the rewards? Most of them are airline or hotel points, which might be good if you travel for business or leisure. The majority of the rest of the rewards require you to buy something first in order to take advantage of your reward.

Summary and Ratings

2-3 surveys available every week
VALUE OF REWARDS E-Rewards rating
They will pay you between 0.25$ and 10$ per survey completed. This will be added directly to your E-Rewards  account once you complete the survey.
The minimum payment threshold  depennds on the reward. For instance minimum payment threshold for GameStop gift voucher is 25$.
Support for this panel is auful. A lot of panelists report they do not receive responses to their emails.
Legitimate paid surveys-E-Rewards review
RATING (3.5/5)

E-Rewards ratingLegitimate paid surveys-E-Rewards RatingE-Reward Rating



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